Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

League Review going into the last Round.

With only 1 round left of this year’s hamper league it really is Diarmuid McCarthy’s to loose, Paul O Farrell lies 5 points behind and needs to drop a 33 pts card in favor of a 39 pts return to overtake Diarmuid, provided of Course Diarmuid does not drop his lowest card which is a 34. Pat Brady and Vincent Chapman still have ambitions of catching Paul and being in the final shakeup for the Cat 1 hamper, both Pat and Vinnie are looking to drop 32’s and need to score 39 points to over take Paul again providing that Paul himself does not drop his lowest score which currently sits at 33.

In Cat 2 Liam Crosbie and Glenn Farrell sit top of the standings with 131 pts. Ger Murray sits a further 2 pts behind on 129 pts.and with a 27 pts card currently in his total Ger has a great chance next week to be in the final shakeup. Pat Nolan is also in with a sniff in this division he sits a little further back on 125 and with a 29 as one of his counting cards a decent score at the weekend could catapult him into the Cat 2 hamper spot

Cat 3 for me is the most fascinating, Richard Kelly is out in front on 129 pts (Great to see Richard doing well he is a one of our stalwarts on the early Sunday morning slots). Richard is closely followed by Brendan Wheatley on 128pts, Danny Lynch on 126 pts, Bill Tinley on 125 pts and Noel Billane on 124 pts. When you analyze the scores the guys are looking to drop it gets really interesting as each descending player positioned on the leaderboard has a progressively lower score they need to drop. So Richard in 1st is looking to do away with a 31 pts card, Bren is looking to do the same with a 30, Danny a 27, Bill needs to do away with a 25 and Noel Billane a 24. Hard to see Danny, Bill and Noel not improving on their scores this weekend..I am going to call it and no disrespect to anyone but if anyone is going to go on a charge the one to watch out for is Danny, he last missed a fairway in 1976 and that was only because a car drove by the course  he was playing just as he was teeing off with its radio blaring out Pretty Vacant by the Pistols…Hees preeety,,,preeety consisteent.