Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Terms and Conditions of Membership

Terms and Conditions of Membership at Blessington Lakes Golf Club as of 20th July 2021

1. Timely payment of membership subscriptions is expected from ALL members.

2. Competition Purse – we would ask that members top up by approx. €50 but minimum top up is €20 (as anything less is defeating the purpose of the Purse system)

3. Competition Purse – any green fees owing by any member (including guest green fees) will be deducted from the members purse, unless payment has already been made in another form.   Detailed Statements of any members purse are available on request.

4. Members must pre-book their tee times either through BRS or by contacting the clubhouse.  If members wish to only play 9 holes, and there are no 9 hole slots available, please contact the clubhouse or if out of hours, please send an email or leave a voice message on the phone.

5. If for whatever reason that you cannot make your tee time within 12 hours of that tee time and there is only one other person down beside your name on the timesheet, please have the courtesy to contact this person either directly or by contacting the Clubhouse to let them know.  This is especially important if you are down for a Team Competition.  Repeat No Show Offences may lead to BRS access being temporarily suspended.

6. Please arrive in appropriate time for your tee time so as to ensure the smooth running of the time sheet.  If running late, please ring ahead.

7. Please treat the golf course with respect:

a. No trolleys on the Tee Boxes

b. 3 R’s – rake bunkers, replace divots and repair pitchmarks

c. Put litter in available bins or bring it home with you.

8. Please don’t dilly dally when playing golf and if you are slower than the group behind you, call them through.

9. The Golf Ireland App means that we may need to have our phones out with us while playing to record scores for General Play.  But please respect fellow players by refraining from unnecessary use of your mobile phone on the course.

10. Neat dress is essential.  No Golf Shoes Permitted in the Clubhouse (except for the Locker Room).