Blessington Lakes Golf Club

Our Course

Blessington Lakes Golf Club is set in the panoramic setting of Boystown in the heart of the Wicklow countryside. Come and enjoy a pleasant game of golf in a location where you can relax and enjoy the picturesque views of the Blessington Lakes and stunning Wicklow Mountains on the outskirts of Dublin.

  “As a golfing feast that might easily qualify to be named the No. 1 Nine-Hole Course in Ireland, if I had a mind to do it.”

“Best Second Hole: Blessington Lakes Golf Club”
“Top Parkland: Blessington Lakes Golf Club”
“Best Overall Test: Blessington Lakes Golf Club”
“Longest Course: 
Blessington Lakes Golf Club”
“Best Pair of Par Fives: 
Blessington Lakes Golf Club”

By Ivan Morris
Author, Ireland’s Best 9 Hole Golf Courses