Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Course reopening Tuesday Dec 1st

Evening folks so we are back and a day early too. We will have Tuesdays timesheet up shortly. Timesheets are up from Wednesday onwards. Things are still fluid so bear with us for a day or two. Next Saturday week will see the morning section of the timesheet given over to a longstanding Society booking. Once we confirm the society numbers we will be able to open up more slots. It looks likely that we will amalgamate our traditional winter and spring leagues into one league hopefully from the 1st weekend back which will run towards the end of February. This will be for full members only and will run in conjunction with the weekly weekend competitions which will be open to all Categories. Again bear with us as we operationalise…….crap sorry thought i was in work….till we sort. The course has born up extremely well to the wet spell so get out and enjoy folks. We have had a lot of very regular Pay and Play members competing every week this season, you guys should consider stepping up to becoming full members it may well work out cheaper and means that if you have a free couple of hours you can pop down for 6 or 9 holes at no cost.