Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Club News and update

Evening folks, well that was a nice month away from writing here, hope you all understand our new World Handicapping System. Seems that some us got scalped without even playing. The bugs will iron themselves out once we get back playing and returning scores. On the course Tom and his band of merry volunteers have been busy. A drainage channel is nearing completion between the 6th and 7th fairways. The job entailed digging a drainage channel, the laying of a perforated pipe, an infill of gravel and resodding. The work team was led by Nick Mchardy with a number of members lending some muscle. The works will help alleviate the standing water that gathers at the low part of the depression between the fairways during the wetter parts of the winter. The club also hired some very impressive machinery with which Tom aerated the greens. This is a process similar to poleforking using jets of high pressured air instead of metal spikes. This will stand to us early in the Spring and is a vital part of the course maintenance program. That black moss issue that we saw on parts of a couple of greens has now been treated successfully. Wow the greens at the moment, like that place in the mad land over the bigger pond, Augustus i think its called.

So we hope to be coming back on Dec 3rd with competitions possibly being given the go ahead to resume the following weekend. We would usually be well into our winter league at this point. The committee will finalise what form our winter league will take in the coming days. The committee have being working away remotely following a very productive meeting in the first week of the current lockdown. We hope to be able to make an announcement shortly on fee’s next year which we feel is going to please our Loyal full members so watch this space. Stay safe folks not long to wait.