Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Hi folks, some great work going on around the course and pavilion. We have started to redecorate the large dining room in preparation for a possible new catering service which all going well be coming on stream towards the end of February. It is envisioned that there will be an interesting and mixed menu blending the “aul reliable’s” including the much anticipated return of the Breakfast Ciabata, just the job either before or after a sojourn on the Blessed Nine. Seriously folks I think it would be great to have expanded food options at the club and we will all need to support it to keep it viable. A big thank you to Ger Murray and volunteers this morning who re erected our 3 Flag poles which now fly 3 beautiful new Flags, the Wicklow Flag, the European Union Flag and of course flying proudly in the centre our National Flag, the Tricolour. They do look fantastic when you drive in, “sure twould bring a tear to a glass eye” Talk soon folks.