Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Winter League the ifs n buts

So with one round to go we have a clear sight of the potential hamper winners. John Greene has come right into the fray on 52 pts just 3 behind the leader on 55. If John can manage a 4th or better at the weekend that would take him past the current leader. Unless of course the leader finishes in the top 3 to stay ahead. In 3rd on 49 Pts is Alan Lowe. If Alan wins at the weekend he could potentially catch John if he is unplaced. Alan would then drop his lowest counting return of 15 pts gaining 5 to bring him to 54 one ahead of John, but also one behind the current lead of 55 pts. Sean Farrell sits snugly in 4th spot on 46 pts. Sean will be trying to drop a 14 pts return and a win potentially could get him to 52 pts. The final Hamper spot is carnage folks with Derek Brogan, Ger Murray and Hole in one man Brendan Flynn all on 43 pts. Derek could throw several spanners in the works as he has a 7 pts return currently included his score and the 20 pts for a win would take him to 57 pts, how do yis like them apples lads. Brendan needs to drop a 13 pts return so a win would take him to 50 pts. Ger is looking to drop a 12 pts return so a win would get him to 51. Clear as Mud.