Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Men’s Spring League Weather Protocols

Hi Folks, its looking like that early year dry spell has well and truly ended so its time to dust off our Weather Protocols.

  1. If the same greens and tee boxes are not in play for the 2 days of league competition then that particular round of the league is cancelled and the both days are treated as separate competitions in their own right.
  2. That Round of the league will not be played the following week and is deemed void, (the 10 round format of the league allows for a couple of cancelled weekends).
  3. If the course is open on just one of the days of the weekend there must be a minimum of 15 playing on that day in order for the competition to count as a Qualifying Round of the spring league.
  4. The course manager, green keeper and or starter will make every effort to have play but the overriding concern will be protecting the course (frost and wet ground conditions). This may necessitate regular course inspections and a possibly shotgun start at the earliest appropriate time. Club website and text service will give updates in this event. In the event that the Course played differs from the other day of that weekend please refer to point 1.
  5. Only the course manager/greenkeeper and or starter may walk the course to assess whether it is fit for play.