Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Results Update

Wow can’s keep up with the comps in this Gaff. Right so Ladies first and in the most recent competitive outing returns July 4th/7th from the saner gender of Humanity we had Helen Farrell (29) returning 36 pts and in doing so Helen held off the ever improving Megan Feighry (27) who finished a point further back on 35 pts. What do mean saner gender, ah lads would Lehman Bros have happened if the skin and blisters ran the show. Anyway back to the golf, last weekend we had an open singles Stableford which was won by who many people consider to be the best striker of an iron in the club Eddie Ingram (10). Eddie returned 41 pts to win on the back 9 from Paul Murphy (30). 13 pars and 5 bogeys Eddie, the round could best described as superbly solid Ed. luvs a bit of alliteration me. Our best Saturday score was 39 pts returned by Tom O Neill (34) with the best Sunday score being returned by Dylan Feighry (38) with 38 pts. ……skin and blisters = Sisters…….Lehman Sisters = no financial crash Joe.