Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Hopeful for April 5th resumption

The great debate in golf at present is of course whether we will be able to get back playing in some form on the 5th of April. A little selfish of us in the grand scheme of all things Co Vid but getting back this small piece of normality for us is part of the grand scheme of things. Anyway Tom and a small group of local Volunteers (very local) have done tremendous work over recent days cleaning up the car park, surrounding fencing and hedging and clubhouse. I am reliably informed that “the Gaffe looks magic”. Reports from the course indicate that the hollow coring has worked a treat and the greens are busy getting rid of those small holes that they do not like. The major on course job now prior to the 5th of April is to dig and re-sand the bunkers. This work will start towards the end of the coming week. New flags, pins and tee markers have been ordered and we hope to have them in place the morning we re open. Just to remind people the clubhouse is staffed between 12.00 and 14.00 on weekdays for membership renewals and enquiries. Its worth bearing in mind that the current thinking on golf resuming in April is that it will be for Members only that is why its important that if you are thinking of joining/renewing to do so as soon as possible. In the event that we come back with only two balls allowed it may be the case that Timesheets at the weekend will start at 07.00 this should allow the completion of 3 sets of 18 holes each day which should ensure that everyone gets a game. Teeing off at 7 am sure you would be home at 11 30 with the day ahead of you – Sounds like a good ploy to promote and enhance family life- I can see people sneaking back out for 9 later that evening. Talk soon.