Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Donie shines in April Medal

Donie McEvoy (9) put together another brilliant round yesterday to win the April medal. This is the 2nd weekend in a row where Donie has been master of all he surveys and won the competition. Donie had a 71 nett to win by one from Mark Williams (17) who finished on, yes you got it 72. In class one Dave Costigan (9) came out on top with a nett 73. Good to see Dave maintaining form ahead of the Barton. in Class 2 Ronnie Feighry’s (13) 75 was better than anyone else score, great to see Ronnie back in the prizes again and the lessons that you gave Mark who now in turn has given them back seems to be bearing fruit, Former medal winner is our Ronnie, well done pal. In top spot in class 3 was that man again our own Benjamin Button, Danny Lynch (26). Danny won the class win a score of 74 nett, well done Danny. the gross prize category had 2 78’s sitting on top with Stephen Byrne (5) just edging out Niall O Connor (4) on the back 9. So that’s our first medal of the year done and again the old lady kept all scores below 70 in her handbag. Just thinking, counting all the medals and majors how many scores will be in the 60’s this year, less than 10, between 10 and 20 or over 20.  I feel a fundraiser idea fermenting….i might come back to you on that at the end of the year…..mmmm now if we have a good summer,,,,no, then the course will be hard that will make it tougher, but what if its wet and