Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

David Holota, wins first Qualifying Comp

David Holata (20) emerged victorious as the club returned to competitive Golf. David’s 37 pts was no mean feat given the difficult conditions over the weekend. In second spot was Patrick Nolan (16) with 36 pts. Pat is always one to watch and i would not be surprised if he is there or thereabouts in the final shake up in this years bigger competitions. Third spot was a real dog fight with Jamie Tutty (7), Dave Farrelly (19) and Brendan Flynn (7) all coming back with 35 pts. Jamie took the 3rd spot honors on the count-back. A little bird also told me that Jamie had 39 pts in a nearby open competition earlier in the week, mmmm so another man in form. Brilliant turn out by the way for what was a closed competition.

Now some housekeeping can we all be sure to come down the club driveway very carefully please as there can often be kids playing in and around this area. Plugmarks and divots folks can we all be conscious of addressing these at all times even if they are not our own. Entries for the 2020 Full members singles matchplay closes this Friday. You can enter through booking on the BRS. It is the last competition listed in July.