Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Competition Results

Great to start regular reporting of competitive action again so down to Business. The First Ladies Competition since the start up was a close run affair with Eadaoin Ni Cleirigh (36) and Mary Cullen (36) both finishing with 31 pts with Eadaoin winning on the countback, congrats Eadaoin. Our first Mid Week Open singles saw a small enough field as one of the days was not Eveyln’s finest offering. Top of the standings after all cards were in was Fergal Farrell (20) with 37 pts, well done Fergall. Last weekend’s comp saw a large field taking part. The pins were all in tricky spots and i noticed that several of the tee markers were well back so the blessed 9 was going to be no pushover and so it proved with only one player breaking the 36 pts barrier. Tom Mc Grath (21) returned the weekend’s best card of 38 pts to win having 2 pts to spare over Ulrik Nyberg (12) and Pat Byrne (13) with Ulrik taking 2nd spot honors on the countback. There were a large amount of No Returns at the weekend folks. This seems to be because people are not marking and returning cards as per the new arrangements. These arrangements are in plain sight on a large noticeboard as people check in. SPECSAVERS…..This weekend sees 2 separate competitions taking place. On Saturday 18th we have a Open Mixed Singles Stableford with a twist as it will be from the Blue Tee’s. On Sunday we have the Full Members July Medal. This will be the 2nd counting competition for the 2020 POY.

Just as a point of information folks if you are currently a pay and play member you can upgrade to the New Full Members Category at any time. The New Full Members rate is 525 euro’s. The remaining months of your pay and play membership will also be discounted from the 525 euro rate so if you are playing regularly this makes perfect sense allowing full free access to the course, entry in to all club comps, Winter and Spring Leagues, Player of the Year and Interclub Competition. You can talk to any of the club officers or to the Clubhouse staff if you are of a mind to upgrade.