Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Club update, Timesheets starting an hour Earlier

Morning folks, just to remind members that the course is open for play as are the Rest Rooms. It goes without saying but i will say it anyway you WASH YOUR HANDS. It seems that many of us having being getting up for a few holes and observing the new social protocols that are our new current Norm which is great. The weather seems to be settling for the next few days so play if you can but again bear in mind our temporary reality re HSE Guidelines This will pass folks.

Time-sheets for the time being are for casual golf. The lengthening evenings now enables our Time-sheet to have additional time slots from just after Midday. From this Sunday the 22nd the Time-sheets will start at 8 am. The morning portion of all Sunday Time-sheets are reserved for Full members unless it is designated as an Open. All categories of members may book slots on the afternoon portion of the Time-sheet. Our Drive ins will be rescheduled in the months ahead.

Head Green keeper Tom Kavanagh has noticed some large patches of divots indicative of people practicing Range style on the course. The club has a rule that members playing/practicing alone can only use 2 balls this needs to be observed folks.

Time-sheets have gone up for the weekend after next titled casual golf. Please put your name down and play folks it will do your well-being the world of good.