Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Winter League to commence this weekend

With all our members now being allowed to play at their home club we can start our Full Members winter league competitions. The league will run every weekend till the end of Feb. Competitors can enter their scores on either the Saturday or Sunday. The entry fee for this years competition is 5 euro. Your score will be based on your best 5 weekly points total from the 12 scheduled rounds. Points will be awarded on a sliding scale basis with 20 for first place down to 1 for 20th. 1. This gives us flexibility to change the amount of holes played in each weeks competitions, 9, 13 and towards the latter part of the league 18. Weather will dictate.Sunday Morning is traditionally Full Members time. If the course is closed on Saturday and open on Sunday then Sunday cards will count towards your league score. If the course is closed on Sunday but has been open on the Saturday scores posted that day will not count towards your league score That Saturday Comp will be deemed a stand alone comp in its own right. The full members league will run alongside each weekend competition which all categories all eligible to enter. There will be prizes awarded each weekend separate to the league prizes which will be presented when the league concludes. Now folks one important point to remember, we are playing winter golf in a pandemic in a country where the weather sucks a lot of the time, the brief rules outlined do not cover every eventuality. The committee will make a decision on any issues that may arise during the league. The committee’s decision is final. So folks enjoy, this comp really gets going after everyone has posted 5 cards as you are then trying to drop your worst return. Hopefully by the end of the league the end of the what do ya call it will be in sight.