Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Winter League 2019

The Winter League commences next weekend Saturday and Sunday 19th/20th October. The League will run for 7 weeks up to December. The best 4 from 7 cards will count towards your league standings. The winner each week receives 20 points, 2nd 19 pts all the way down to 20th place each week. There will be domestic handicap cuts applied for the individual weeks, these cuts will not affect the awarding of points for the league.

The winner each week will receive a -2pts reduction in subsequent comps for the league, runners up -1pt. Multiple wins/runners-up receive multiple reductions.

Competition Guidlines for Adverse Weather Conditions (Winter League).

1. If temporary greens are in play on any Saturday or Sunday morning that competition day will not form part of the league.
2. If temporary greens are in play on one day and full greens are in the play on the other day of the same weekend 15 cards must be returned on the day the full greens are in play for it to count towards the league. The day the temporary greens are in play will be treated as a separate non-league competition. If both days are played on the full greens a total of 15 cards between the 2 days must be returned for it to count towards the league.
3. If conditions don’t allow for a league-competition to be played that round of the league will be cancelled and be deemed void. No additional weeks will be added. The 7 round format of the league allows for a number of cancelled weekends
4. If we lose 3 or more weekends out of 7 the number of counting cards will drop to 3 from 4.

Sunday being traditionally the busier day will see the course manager/greenkeeper and or starter make every effort to have play but the overriding concern in the event of frost/bad weather will be the protection of the course. Regular inspections on the hour will be made to open the course as early as possible. i.e 8am, 9am, 10am, 11am after which a call will be made if the full greens will open on that day. This may necessitate a shotgun start or shortened course (9 or 13 hole comp) later that morning. Regular updates will be posted on the website and club text service in the event of such delays. The course may differ from Saturday.

Players should take responsibility in checking whether the course is open in the event of bad weather, phone ahead either club house, check the website and look out for club texts.

Only the course manager/greenkeeper and or starter may enter the course grounds in assessing whether the course is fit for play.