Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Wino’s going back to the offie April 20th/Rumble Team event format

Thursday April 20th see’s the resumption of the Wino’s kind of Golf society The wino’s is brilliant fun and very informal, what happens is that people meet in the clubhouse at 5pm or so and a draw is made to pick out teams who then play in a 9 hole mixed scramble. Its a great way to meet and make friends especially if you are one of our newer members. the teams are of mixed ability (and no ability), only joking, with the emphasizes being on fun and camaraderie rather than serious competition. In many ways the wino’s are the soul of our club. Everyone is welcome  and the glass of wine or 2 afterwards, well that’s as they say in Glasgow just “jelly and ice cream” see you all this day week.

The weekend after Easter the club will be holding their first open team event of the year this will be run over the Saturday and Sunday. The format will be a 3 man rumble with the best score to count on the 1st 6 holes, the 2 best scores to count on the middle 6 holes and all 3 scores to count on the last 6.