Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

TY Programme 2023

Blessington Lakes Golf Club welcomed 20 Transition Year students and teacher Conor O’Neill to the club on Thursday morning last as part of their transition year programme.  Even though it was cold, a fab morning was had by all the students, who took on every task put to them under the guidance of Pro Golfer Tom O’Neill and enjoyed every minute.

Tom explained basic rules, and set up ten students on a group activity – the putting green and driving. There was great enthusiasm and banter as to who could drive the furthest, or who could put the ball in hole on one stroke, and to our surprise we had 7 students putting the ball in – the excitement was electric – we could have been playing in the “Irish Open” with the cheers and the rapturous applause!  Tom finished off the morning with a team game – Last Person Standing – a big congrats to Emilie Eustace, a popular winner.  The students were then treated to a hot cuppa and snacks, before returning to school. 

Conor thanked BLGC for a great morning, who knows we may have converted him to golf!  We look forward to another group next week, thank you to Conor and Blessington Community College for participating and big thank you to Grainne for all her help.

Helen & Catherine