Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Spring League 2016 “Joe McKeever Trophy”

Early next year see us playing for a lovely new trophy presented to the club by the McKeever family in memory of Joe who tragically passed away while playing the course in competition last spring. Joe was a passionate love of sport and a lifelong supporter of Preston North End. Joe loved the club and playing here on the lakes. Quite often when he was’nt playing so well he would ….like us all i suppose, look across the water towards the mountains and say wow what a magical place.  The 2016 spring league will commence on Sat/Sun the 9th/10th Jan and it is in honor of our pal Joe.

It will run for 10 consecutive weeks till March 13th and 14th  weather permitting. BRS system will operate.

Open to minor members.

League entry fee 6 euro.

The competition shall be singles stableford over 18,13 0r 9 holes depending on weather/course conditions, all scores will be rounded up to equate to an 18 hole competition by adding 2 pts for each hole not played for the league standings only.

The overall winner will receive the Joe McKeever Trophy.

The Trophy shall stay within the confines of the clubhouse.

The league will be divided into 3 categories  Cat 1. Handicaps 0-11, Cat 2 12-18 and Cat 3 18+. League standings of the 3 categories will be displayed promptly on the club website.

1st and 2nd prizes will be awarded in each Category.

1st, 2nd and 3rd prizes will be awarded weekly.

Domestic cuts will operate for the weekly prize winners but not for the league (this is to encourage a spread of prizes throughout the field)… Notice of the domestic cuts regime will be posted before commencement of league.

Players best 4 cards will count as final league score with best last card deciding any tied positions.The best last nine of the last counting card in the event of positions still being tied will then determine the higher placing or winner.

Presentation/League finale to be held on the last Sunday of the competition, extra prizes,  raffles and fun day details to follow.

In matters requiring adjudication the committees decisions are final.

This has the potential to be an exciting competition with players doing their best throughout the league to better their worst score. The 10 week duration of the league also gives players starting late time to have a decent crack at it and also allows for players to miss the odd week as they may have to clean the car. There will be regular news, results and league table updates on the website. The fact that we will have 3 different leagues will also help to keep peoples interest going right to the end. We are looking for sponsors for the weekly competitions as the club would like to make a decent size Donation to a deserving charity from the competition entry monies received from you the members. Sponsors can have their company name (if they so wish) displayed prominently on this website. Hope we do you proud Joe.