Blessington Lakes Golf Club

October Medal Route 66 for JB

Morning all apologies for the late results post, work getting in the way of life unfortunately oh and crap broadband. A belated congratulations to Justin Byrne  (15) who won the October medal with a score of 66. Justin had 10 pars in his round which is no mean feat off the Blue pegs. in second spot with a score 0f 68 was Keith Walsh (17) with a 68. Great stuff Keith i reckon that score would have won the vast majority of medals played over the years on the blessed nine. Class 1 honors went to Paul Dowd (8) with a 71, that’s your the annual review hopes up the spout Paul. Class 2 went Cormac Noone (11) with a score of 73, ditto annual review Cormac. Class 3 was won by Brendan Wheatley  (19) on a mark of 79. Well thats the medals over for the year. Good luck to everyone playing in the Winter League which starts next week.