Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Open Rumble weekend report.

15 teams of 3 contested the weekends open Rumblle. The competition was set as follows best score to count on the 1st 6, the 2 best scores on the 2nd 6 and all scores to count on the last 6, oh just to say Tom and Donie the course was in great shape at the weekend, credit where credit is due. Joe O Toole (14), Said Hadjami (14) and Cormac Noone (10) returned a score 75 points to take top spot. The lads card showed Doves how to tail in the correct manner in having no 1 pointers on their 1st 6 holes and some nice 7 pointers throughout. (Joe and Said carted Nooner around by all accounts). In 2 spot came Brian Hogan (18), (eighteen…. Brian your kidding me you live in the place), Tom McGrath (20) and Eoin Hipwell (16) with 72 points again the lads played nice and steady with all contributing nicely till the last 6. Then they got itchy and started scratching and with all scores to count on the last 6 getting itchy means your goose is cooked, your race is run, if me auntie had townhalls she would be my…… But do you know what, the happiest man that played over the weekend by my reckoning must be Alan Doolan as he was the only one of us to have a 2, well done Alan, how much was the pot…. ehhhhh it would be vulgar to tell but it was half way between 50 and 100 give or take a few.euro…..The neatest card over the 2 days was the one returned by Helen Farrell, Breda and Billy Walsh a pleasure to check, such divine  penmanship, as for some of the rest of them well you know those expert witness types you see in Movie Courtroom Drama’s where they are trying to identify peoples hand writing, well he would have had his work cut out if he had to check some of our cards. Seriously it can be really difficult to identify peoples names in particular on the cards. Please lets all to do our best to write in our Sunday best, it makes the checkers job a lot easier.

The Birdie league is now up to date. Our last medal takes place next week end just to note it is a 1 day affair on Sunday but we have set aside 6 spots for those unable to play on Sunday. it is worth saying at this stage that there is a debate going on at Committee level as to whether we Play all our Full Member Major competitions exclusively on Sundays next year and run our opens on Saturdays with the exception of course of the 2nd round of the Captains day and (possibly the Presidents)  which is traditionally held on a Saturday, have a think about this folks after all its your club and ultimately your decision, this is sure to be a topic at this years AGM.