Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Preparing to come back

Morning Lakesiders, so with the Health stats now steadily improving in tandem with the weather thoughts turn to when we will get back to the game we all love. The Club are hopeful for a return in early April and so are planning with that timeframe in mind. The major piece of work last week on the course was the massaging of sand into the greens following hollow coring the week previous. This is now complete. Green keeper Tom was extremely pleased with how the work turned out and reckons our greens will be tip top as soon as that gate is open. A couple of trees that were over grown and shading the 1st hole and causing issues around the quality of the green have been removed. This will also allow the sun to hit the green in the winter months thus lifting the frost earlier. The club have had a large amount of enquiries in the last week on joining and rejoining. As the clubhouse staff are still furloughed we have as not as been as quick to respond as we would like. Be patient folks we are aware of situation and will have a solution in place early next week. Full members renewing just to remind you that the fee has been reduced to 619 euros plus your Golf Ireland fee. Something back folks bearing in mind the golf we missed last season and the 1st month of this Season. This really is the best value full membership in the area and aligns nicely with the clubs philosophy of being accessible to all. The 2021 fixtures list will be published in the next few weeks and hopefully it will not be used to wrap up the chips from the chippie.