Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Open Singles results weekend 22nd/23rd, too many NR’S

Last weekend say another bumper field take to the Blessed nine and great to see a new member quickly chalk up there 1st win. Stephen Keating (22) won the event with a score of 39 pts. Congrats Stephen. In 2nd spot also returning a score of 39 pts was Declan Tobin (17), that double on the last Dec. In 3rd spot was Ger Murray (15) Great to see Ger on the podium. Ger does immense work for the club week in week out and the sense of pride he has in our club is evident any time you are chatting to him up at the club. Just looking at your card Ger, well in it till that blank on 16. Again folks a lot of NR’S and DQ’S. If you are playing you need to be mindful of the rules of returning competitive scores and for those NRing please enter your score no matter how poor as the rate of NR’S affects the standard scratch of the competition. This may result in someone getting away with or not getting a cut or even a smaller cut than they should of received in their handicap after a good score. This consequently could in future result in that person beating you in a comp because they received, through no fault of their own an incorrect adjustment in their handicap due to the excessive level of NR’s in preceding competitions. Its in everyone’s interest to return all competitive scores.