Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

A notice for players not returning scorecards

A notice to players who do not return their score cards after competitions.

This impacts on the CSS calculation and effects all players’ handicap adjustments. Clauses 23 and 24 of the UHS gives Handicap Committees discretion to deal with players who persistently submit incomplete cards or make Non Returns, if it considers they are attempting to build a handicap. (Pg. 85 CONGU Unified Handicap System). Players failing to return scorecards on completion of their round cause the Handicap Committee additional work and the club would be entitled to suspend a player’s right to compete in club competitions for a specified period or for more persistent offences suspend his handicap for an appropriate period. (Clause 17 Dec.1 (p) CONGU Unified Handicap System). The committee of The Men’s Committee of Blessington Lakes Golf Club has decided that failure to return 3 cards will result in disciplinary action by the committee under the appropriate clause.