Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Last Medal proves to be seasons most exciting

Well what a medal. The weather was excellent with little or no wind for all competitors making my prediction that the old lady would stay the right side of 70 looking decidedly iffy. In the end 2 superb cards of 67 were moved out of the pile of cards for final adjudication as to the eventual winner… Mark Williams (19) proved to be numero uno in the end as Mark’s back nine was slightly better than our Captain Mr Dave Costigan (10). Mark’s returning back nine of 40 shots providing the finishing touches to his excellent card. Mark also had 40 pts at an away open earlier in the month so that combined with his medal win saw an ESR kick in which meant that sometime on Monday afternoon he took delivery of a nice new 16 handicap. Welcome to Cat 2 Mr Williams. Dave Costigan’s 67 would have won every other medal for (if you believe in deities) in God knows how long. Dave was actually only 2 over par for his last 12 holes, brilliant scoring Davey. The Best Gross went to Niall O’Connor with a score of 76. Steve Cooling’s (12) return to form continued with his victory in Cat 1.  Steve returned a score of 72, well done Stevie, Interclub managers note.

Now a 1st in BLGC with Cat 2 and Cat 3 honors being secured by father and son. Mark Fagan (13) won Cat 2 with a score of 71 with Darragh (19) winning Cat 3 with the same mark of 71.  I played with Darragh recently he hits the ball a mile and his swing looks straight off Sky Sports, we have a gem here folks ….Darragh short game short game short game practice practice practice pal.

Blessington Lakes Golfer of the Year Sponsored by Liffey Plastics


Scoring for Golfer Of The Year (GOY) 2016.

This years golfer of the year will be decided by performances in the Leagues, Medals, Captains Prize, Presidents Prize and the Club Matchplay. Points will be awarded as Follows.

1. Medals, Spring League & Xmas Hamper: 20 points for 1st, 19 for 2nd and in corresponding descending order to 1 point for a 20th place finish.
2. Double points will be awarded in the Captains and Presidents, ie 40 points for 1st down to 2 points for 20th.
3. Winner of the Club Matchplay will receive 40 points, runner up 30 points. The beaten semi finalist will receive 15 points each