Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

June Medal goes Tony’s way

Tony Hanlon (18) emerged victorious in the June medal with a great score of 67. The medal was  played across 3 days due to the club participating in the Jimmy Bruen. this gave rise to very different weather condition with those being out on Sunday morning bearing the brunt of some very wet and windy weather. The Gross prize went to Niall O Connor who shot a 79. Cat 1 went to Pat Reid (9) with a 75, Cat 2 went to Stephen Carroll (19) with a 74 and Cat 3 went to Danny Lynch (25) with 78. I am thrilled that Danny triumphed in Cat 3 he supports the club week in and week out playing twice a week well done Dan. There was a lot of NR’S on Sunday and this has affected the standard scratch. I know it was pissing but if you come in off the course you must return your score even after 6,9 or 13 holes whatever and  putting no score in for the holes you have not played. People are actually doing themselves out of a possible prize later in the season as they may be beaten on a count back by someone who should of received a cut at the weekend but did not because the amount of NR’S had pushed the standard Scratch up a shot.