Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Joe McKeever Spring League 2017

In memory of Joe McKeever RIP our annual Spring League will consist of 10 weekly competition from 7th Jan to 11th March. This competition is open to all full members of the men’s club. The best 5 cards will be counted towards the league standing with weekly prizes and also an overall prize fund for the final standings. League table points will be awarded from 20 down to 1 each week with 20 points for the winner down to 1 point for 20th place. Rather than having an entry fee for the league the weekly entry fee to be €8. The Two’s Club will be optional at €2 making the overall weekly entry €10 to include the 2’s. Domestic Cuts each week apply to weekly competitions only and not the league. 2 points deduction for a win and 1 point for runner-up.

There are weekly prizes for 1st and 2nd (subject to number of entries). There will also be a number of prizes based on the final standings of the league as follows. A levy is taken from the competition income each week and will be used to fund the overall prizes. This means the more people that play the higher the value of prizes so please encourage as many full members to play.

The Winner will be awarded The Joe McKeever Trophy and a Voucher
Cat 1 Winner & Runner Up (Vouchers)
Cat 2 Winner & Runner Up (Vouchers)
Cat 3 Winner & Runner Up (Vouchers)

Category Handicaps
Category 1 0-12
Category 2 13-18
Category 3 19-28

There will also be Player of The Year Points awarded for the final standings of the Spring League. 20 points for 1st, 19pts for 2nd and so on.
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