Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Inter Club Competitions 2021

Hi all some big changes on the the way Interclub competitions are organised for next year

” Golf Ireland Inter-Club Format As a result of this process, the Transition Board of Golf Ireland decided upon the following format for the Golf Ireland InterClub Competitions, predominantly based upon Option 2 above. • Golf Ireland Inter-Club competitions will be split into eight equal Competition Areas. – One area in Connacht – Three areas in Leinster – Two areas in Munster – Two areas in Ulster The composition of the Competition Areas is set out in Appendix 2. • An Area pennant will be awarded to the winning club in each of the eight Competition Areas. • Each of the eight area winners will then progress to an All-Ireland finals series. – The finals series will feature quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals across the entire suite of Inter-Club competitions. – Subject to the evolving public health situation next year, the intention is to stage these All-Ireland finals series over five weekends in August and September, with a mixture of male and female competitions held over each weekend. Further detail on this is outlined in Appendix 1. • The winning club in each Inter-Club Competition will be awarded an All-Ireland pennant. – Gold medals will be awarded to the winning players, – Runners up and semi-finalists will be awarded silver and bronze medals respectively. • The full set of regulations governing these Tournaments will be published early in 2021. • Finally, the Transition Board of Golf Ireland has made a commitment for this new format to be reviewed following a 3 year period.”

So there you are folks there you have, be nice for the blessed 9 to capture one of these area pennants.