Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Glenn carries on the family tradition

Just when we thought that Sean Farrel’s dodgy shoulder would give us all a better chance up steps young Glenn to keep the prizes rolling into the Farrell household. Glenn playing off 25 had 35 pts at the weekend to claim 1st place. great score considering that it was a tad windy. In 2nd spot came Dennis Hennessy (13) with 34 pts which remarkably was accumulated on the windier of the 2 days, Sunday. In 3rd place on the count back came Gary O Rourke (20) from Mark Fagan (12) with both having a score of 32 pts. 2 birdies were recorded in the two’s club, that man again Joey Donohoe and Dave Costigan. (There were only 4 altogether). So Joey Donohoe is our new Spring League leader.. Joey won this last year so retaining it would be quite an achievement. The guy with the 4 golf bags will have something to say about that Joseph. Joey and Alan are some 20 points ahead of Tom “silky” Barret, Patrick Nolan and Mark Fagan. So realistically that trio really need to win one of the last 2 weeks to bridge the gap. We will publish an article going through all the swings, roundabouts and permutations of the league and its categories after next weeks results.