Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

G-Day April 26th for all things Blessed Nine

Me Bats were shined to within an inch sorry centimetre of their shafts, me balls were cleaned dimple by dimple and me bag had made its way to the hall only to told by her good self to “Dream on Pal” Gummin for Monday me was. Right Positive psychology, we have a date, G day is Monday the 26th, 3 weeks hence so in antipodean speak “happy Days”. We are still waiting on some clarity from Golf Ireland on how many players can go out together and at what time intervals. Looking atm it being 2 balls at 8 minute intervals but who knows, all the crystal balls in this neck of the lakes are currently Windolene resistant. The travel distance restrictions on the 26th don’t seem to be an issue with golf Ireland stating “Golf Ireland has also raised the potential impact of continuing travel restrictions on golf clubs, particularly on those located close to county boundaries and we welcome the confirmation this evening that the extension of travel restrictions next month to county-wide or 20kms. This will facilitate the vast majority of golfers to play at their clubs from April 26th” As soon as we have clarity the timesheets will go up. Dessie did I mention our first years introductory offer.