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Full Members Spring League getting very interesting

Sorry folks for the bit of a delay in posting the latest league news so we have 2 rounds to mull over. Looking back at our last article it was mentioned that Sean Farrell (8) would have to finish 6th or better to drop his worst score, well low and behold Sean rose to the challenge and winning in very difficult conditions with a score of 36 points which was 4 pts clear Eamon O Neill (26) in 2nd.

This weekend saw Davie Kiely (25) win on the count back from Paul Flynn (23) with both lads returning scores of 38 pts. So going into the last round we have Sean Farrell leading the Spring League on 68 pts with 14 being his worst score, so Sean will need to finish 6th or higher next weekend to improve. In 2nd spot we have Paul Flynn who has come with a brilliant 3 weeks surge where Paul placed 2nd, 7th and 3rd respectively. Paul is now placed 2 behind Sean on 66 pts. Paul needs to drop a 14 pts return to improve his points and also hope that Sean does improve his score. In 3rd place we have Eamonn O Neill a further 6 points back on 60. Eamonn is not without a chance as he has a 9 pointer in his total so a top 3 finish with Sean and Paul not improving would see Eamonn win the League. Jeez so many permutations. Joe O Toole lies in 4th spot 1 behind Eamonn on 59 pts. To win the league Joe will need to finish 1st or 2nd and hope the 3 lads ahead do not improve their scores. In other words, Joes worst score currently is 9, so 19 pts for a second place finish will see Joe move to 69pts, 1 more than the current leading score of 68. Pheeewww me sallynoggin is burstin. Now there is often a dark horse in these preceding’s and I think Derek Brogan nestling in 5th spot on 57 pts fits the Bill this year….. Derek is on 57 pts but interestingly he has a 5 pointer in his total that he is looking to drop, so if Derek can manage a top 4 finish at the weekend with the lads ahead tanking he would nip in and grab the much coveted 20 GOY pts on offer for winning the Spring League and drive outta the carpark saying…… do yis like them apples lads.