Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Final Winter and Birdie league table results

The Winter league finished up damp squibish like……is that even a word…anyway what was shaping up to be a great final weekend with up to 12  or so players in with a real chance of jumping into the Hamper positions fell foul to Desmond Storm’s heavy rain. So in the end the placings after week 6 turned out to be the final placings. Diarmuid McCarthy took this years honors with Clive Cullen coming second and Cormac Noone taking 3rd spot. (Final standings on Bookface). Loosing 2 scoring weeks meant the excitement of lads trying to drop there worst card while looking closely at their rivals worst score just did not happen. Mmmmmm we need to reflect on this years league and come up with a more exciting Winter format next year. How about this then. A 10 weeker, best 5 to count with 20 pts towards  Golfer of the year for 1st right down to 1 pt for 20th, dunno keeps the season interesting right to AGM Sunday. Sorry Committee chaps that was a randomer, back on message In the Birdies leagues…Sean Farrell took the Cat 1 honors with 37 birds one more than Conor Fallon in 2nd spot. Cormac Noone took the honors in Cat 2 simply because he has a job that allows him to play twice every week….lucky sod. Cormac had 36 competitive birdies from the 1st of Jan to AGM Sunday, Richard Kelly was 2nd with 14 birdies. In Cat 3 Brendan Wheatley came 1st with 7 lovely birds and missus Wheatley. Bill Tinley and Stephen Peake finishing 2nd with 5 a piece. AGM SUNDAY…. SEE YOU ALL THERE ITS TIME TO HAVE YOUR SAY.