Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Extra Friday evening medal times

Evening all, there will be an hour given between 4 30pm and 5 30 pm this coming Friday evening to allow people to enter the June medal. This is in light of members potentially representing the club over both days of the weekend in the Jimmy Bruen trophy in Lisheen Springs GC and so being denied a chance to play in a GOY event which is unfair given that they are representing our club….There is no BRS time sheet as they are not set up to account for the late turning times for the  2nd 9’s that will happen at this hour so people need to make their own arrangements with regard to playing partners. Please be mindful that there is also a kids coaching session being run between approx 6 30 pm and 8pm that evening. The sign in system will be set up so please ensure that you pick the Friday option if availing of this opportunity. Just to note that the hour is not exclusively for Jimmy Bruen panelists any member can use this time.