Blessington Lakes Golf Club

Diarmuid wins again but doesn’t

Diarmuid McCarthy (5) shot a magnificent 73 gross which equated to 40 stableford points to have the best score in Rd 2 of the Hamper League. Dairmuid’s 2 point domestic deduction from last week however enabled Richard L kelly (12) to take first prize with an excellent score of 39 points, great to see Richard hit some form and he is surely going to part of more than one inter club’s team manager’s plans next season. Diarmuid’s 2 point deduction from last week’s win still kept him in 2nd spot with 38 points, absolute brilliant stuff Diarmuid who is now just .5 away from our low man Niall who by the way finished next in the places with 36 points. The league standings are listed below, just to note they include players who have not yet paid their entry fee/ Hampers will only be awarded to those who have paid and entered the league, When the league entries are gone through at the committee meeting next Monday the 7th Dec the standings will be edited to just the paid entrants, so pay by next Sunday gents please.

so the domestic points reductions so far are

Week 1 Diarmuid McCarthy 2 pts….Noel Billane 1pt

Week 2 Richard L Kelly 2pts….Diarmuid McCarthy..1pt plus 2 from week 1 3pts

Domestic pts reductions are not in effect for your league scores.

The Xmas Hamper League will run over a 7 week period from 23rd October to 10th December. Each player will be allowed to count their 4 best cards over the 7 weeks. As competitions are reduced to 13 holes or less each hole that is not played will equal to 2 stableford points for every player.

There will be an overall winner as well as winners of each category.

League Table

Weekly Winners

If a player wins an individual Turkey competition they are handicapped 2 stableford points for the remainder of the Turkey competitions. If a player is runner up they are handicapped 1 stableford point for the remainder of the turkey competitions. This does not affect their counting scores in the hamper league.