Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Course and Club update

Evening members hope you are all well and looking after each other. To our fellow members working in front line jobs we salute and thank you for going to war on behalf of us all. This once in a hundred years event while unimaginably tough on the country has seen a spontaneous combustion of innovative hard work, kindness, understanding and compassion across the country. It has made all of us question whats important in life. In many ways it has also reinvigorated that sense of community the Country is renowned for .

Our club is a microcosm of our Country.

Our committee, staff and volunteers have worked extremely hard to make, agree and implement a comprehensive plan that secures the future of the club and our staff. This plan also ensures the maintenance and up keep of the course to a level that when the restrictions are eased we will be open the following day.

We ask that members who can keep paying their subs. We want to reassure those that may not be quite in a position to do so that this is ok but to contact us so that we are able to support you what ever way we can.

We value all of you as a members and friends and what do friends do for each other? Nobody will be left behind due to this event because all of us together are the club. We have come to far and fought too hard to be beaten by a microbe that in a few months time will wished it stayed in that Bat.

At a time like this we all know that golf is not a priority for any of us but in the quiet moments remember the club, your pals, the views across lake and mountains, smile and be assured these pleasures are there safe and secure to be enjoyed again. See you soon on the Blessed Nine.