Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Conor Steed Defends President’s Prize

When it comes to majors, Conor Steed has been the most dominant golfer in Blessington Lakes over the past two years.

The reigning President’s Prize winner has been all but unstoppable since 2018.

While majors are considered the toughest challenges, and thus the biggest prizes, on the golfing calendar, according to Steed, the majors are the easiest tournaments to win on the tour.

“I think you keep doing what you’re supposed to do, you play good, you peak at the right times,” Steed said. “I think sometimes the majors are the easiest ones to win.”

Steed, who has more wins at major (2) than non-major (1) events, went on to explain his reasoning, immediately dismissing half of the field as just inferior competition, and adding that the pressure of the moment will get to some players that might be more level-headed at a regular tournament.

All joking aside….

Today the club hosted Tony McGinley’s President’s prize. The course was presented in magnificent condition yet again. The 18 hole cut fell at 30points with the top 15 and ties heading out for the 9 hole play off at 5:30pm.

Aiden Tyrell was out in front with 37pts following the morning play a couple of shots ahead of Conor Steed on 35pts and a trio of Pat Reid, Niall O’Connor, Diarmuid McCarthy with 34pts.

Conor opened with a par on the 1st hole for 3pts and from their kept it very steady to complete the playoff with 20pts, 2 better than anyone else in the field. It was nip and tuk then all the way between Aidan and Conor with both players tied at the top going down the final hole. Conor, who had the advantage of having an extra shot on the final hole, needed got down in 2 putts from 45 feet on the final hole to lift the trophy.

Well done Conor.

Winner: Conor Steed (26) 55pts
2nd: Aidan Tyrell (16) 54pts
3rd: Niall O’Connor (4) 52pts
Gross: Diarmud McCarthy 42pts
4th: Dave Callaghan (17) 47pts
5th: Derek Brogan (13) 47pts
1st 18: Pat Reid (12) 34pts
Play Off 9: Liam Crosbie (15) 15pts
Veterans: Noel Searson (22) 44pts
Shoot Out: Brendan Flynn
Long Drive: Eddie Ingram 275 yards
Nearest Pin: Pat McEnroy <10feet

Conor Steed – Winner
Aidan Tyrell – Runner Up
Niall O’Connor – Third
Diarmuid McCarthy – Gross Prize
Dave Callaghan – 4th
Derek Brogan – 5th
Noel Searson – Over 65’s
Pat McEnroy – Nearest the Pin
Pat Reid – Best 1st 18
Eddie Ingram – Longest Drive
Brendan Flynn – Shootout Winner
Liam Crosbie – Best Final 9