Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Competition Results update

So we have had three stableford competitions in the last 10 days or so with some notable scoring. In the mid-weeker of June 1st and 2nd 43 pts was the wining score this being returned by Tony Hanlon (21). 10 pars Tony that is impressive. Brilliant to see Tony in the winners circle as he works his putts off week in and week out helping Tom to maintain the course. In 2nd spot we had Hugh Donnelly (9) with an excellent score of 40 pts. Its so refreshing to see our newer members settling in and getting amongst the prizes, 75 gross, not so dark horse for the Captains me thinks.

Last weekend June 5th and 6th say a very large field hit the fairways with I would say some of the best scoring to be seen on the blessed nine in years. Sure 38 pts was only good enough for 11th spot. 11 2’s as well,, 50 cent each folks, smiley face emoji. The pay out was actually €13, not bad.

I dunno, the old Lady seems to have put her teeth in the jar on her bedside locker at the weekend. Anyway the holes still had be played, it was the same for everyone. In the end it was John Payne’s (29) 46 pts that sat proudly atop the large pile of returned cards. Well done John super stuff. In 2nd spot was Eamon O Neil (29) with 44pts. Again well done to Eamon who has being a great supporter of the club since joining. 3rd spot was James Mahon’s (26) reward after returning a score that would win i would hazard a guess 9 out of 10 competitions. James had 42 pts. We also had a prize for the best score on Saturday which was won by Tom Horan and then on Sunday by Eddie Ingram. Great to see plenty of our interclub representatives returning good scores, bodes well, fingers crossed, touch wood and all that malarkey for the many battles ahead this month.

We also had a 2 day competition, bank holiday the 7th and Tuesday the 8th. Again some notably high returns. Mary O Brien (57) bettered her previous 18 hole competitive score by 17 pts to take first place with 47 pts. A couple of well placed pars at later end of Marys was instrumental, (not a great scrabble word that btw, think you are getting loads then bar the M all the letters are one pointers) in her brilliant score. In 2nd spot was Nat Smith (34) with 45 pts which was one better than Breda Manning’s (48) return of 44 pts. Well done folks. Ladies May medal report to follow, my pinkies are tired.