Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Competition report

First one in a while folks and under the auspices of the WHS….give me strength, if it wasn’t broken and all that. Sorry Rant finito. Congrats to Dermot Byrne playing off 18 for the 13 holes on the day on taking 1st place on Saturday with a score of 28pts. Dermots excellent par birdie finish just pipped Tomas Kehoe playing off 11 for the 13 on the day on the last 9 holes with Tomas also returning a very impressive 28 pts. In 3rd spot,one back we had Joe Shannon who finished with 27 points, Joe played off 21 on the day, super stuff Joe. The weather for the 2nd Sunday in a row Kyboshed our Sabbath day golfers, lads come on 20 decades of the rosary a day from now till midnight on Saturday. This weekend we hope to get the 1st rd of winter league away so fingers crossed and rosaries said.