Blessington Lakes Golf Club

25 Years 1998 to 2023

Following the Club’s recent AGM and the Club finds itself in Hail and Hearty through the vast Majority of its KPI’S and I always thought that meant “keep Peeling Irish Spuds”.

Incoming Captains and officers have already done a lot of background work in setting out what area’s they would like to strengthen the club over the coming year.

One obvious change members will see of course is when our new website comes on line in the 1st week of Jan. Our 2022 fixture list has now been finalised and will be available to check out on the new website. One interesting change I had a sneak preview of was whereby the May Medal will also double up as the top 16 qualifier for the 2022 Full Members Singles Match Play Competition. This makes a lot of sense and should make the running this competition a lot less stressful. The Fixture list also seems to features a lot more variety which is refreshing. Some important dates to note are the Captains Prizes to Pay and play now set for Sat June 11th, Capts Prize qualifiers Sun June 12th with the Finals the following Saturday June 18th. The Presidents shootout is down for Weds Aug 17th. Presidents Prizes to the various Categories are set for Sat Aug 20th and Sun Aug 21st. Our first counting 2022 GOY competition, the Joe McKeever Spring League is set to begin on the 2nd weekend in Jan, the 11th and 12th. This years competition will be a ten round affair weather permitting. Entrants best 4 cards from the 10 (hopefully) will count towards their final score. There is a one off 10 euro entry fee. Prizes will be awarded for the overall winner and 1st and 2nd in 3 distinct categories with the handicap criteria of each being set according to entries after the 1st 4 weeks. This years league will be a singles only competition. Eddie Ingram will be hoping for a good start in the league as he begins the defence of his 2021 GOY trophy. The 2022 GOY competition will have points awarded by performances in the Leagues, Medals, Captains Prize, Presidents Prize and the Singles Matchplay.

Points will be awarded as follows.

1. Medals, Spring and Winter Leagues: 20 points for 1st, 19 for 2nd and in corresponding descending order to 1 point for a 20th place finish.
2. Double points will be awarded in the Captains and Presidents, ie 40 points for 1st down to 2 points for 20th.
3. Winner of the Club Matchplay will receive 40 points, runner up 30 points. The beaten semi finalist will receive 15 points each.

So folks to anyone looking in here this evening and considering joining a golf club you would be hard pressed to find a more welcoming and inclusive bunch of folks. If you are a new or a returning member join now for 550 euro till the end of Feb 2023. If you are currently a pay and play member upgrade your membership for the same subscription. (We will also allow you a deduction for the remaining amount of your pay and play membership). This year was great in that lots of us full members got to know the lots of our regular pay and play members and we would be hoping that you guys would now upgrade and become eligible for our 2022 interclub campaign.

Happy New Year Lakesiders, see you soon on the Blessed Nine.