Club News and update

Evening folks, well that was a nice month away from writing here, hope you all understand our new World Handicapping System. Seems that some us got scalped without even playing. The bugs will iron themselves out once we get back playing and returning scores. On the... read more

WHS Update and FOA

FAO: Members of Affiliated Golf Clubs Re: World Handicap System On November 2nd, the World Handicap System (WHS) will come into effect in Ireland alongside the other Home Unions of England, Scotland and Wales. While the previous CONGU Handicapping System was an... read more

Inter Club Competitions 2021

Hi all some big changes on the the way Interclub competitions are organised for next year ” Golf Ireland Inter-Club Format As a result of this process, the Transition Board of Golf Ireland decided upon the following format for the Golf Ireland InterClub... read more

WHS Countdown Nears 02.11.20

Hi Folks we fast approaching the switch to the new World Handicap System. It is probably fair to say that the new system seems more complicated to all of us. Material that explains the new system varies in its complexity but the link below from Mapperly Golf Club in... read more

GUI Update

Hi folks i know we are all disappointed on not being able to play. The Gui issued the following statement yesterday evening. “Over the past number of days and weeks , the GUI and ILGU have engaged in detailed and extensive discussions with the relevant... read more

Club and Course closed

Evening lakesiders not the news we wanted to here but this news item was published on the the golf net site by the GUI at 4 45 this evening. So 6 weeks folks, it will pass quickly so the best thing we can all do is follow all the current health advisories, keep active... read more